Open Book and Board of Review

The assessment of your property is determined by the Assessor as of January 1 of each year.  Under Wisconsin Statutes, the Assessor’s values are assumed to be correct unless proven otherwise, which places the burden of proof on the taxpayer.  If you are not satisfied with the assessment of your property, the time to do something about it is during Open Book.  You do not need an appointment.  You simply come in and speak with the assessor during the set Open Book hours.  Open Book is held at the Town Hall located at S10414 Cty Rd HH/I in Cleghorn.  The date is typically in July of each year.  Please watch this webpage for notices of the date of Open Book.

If after reviewing your information at Open Book, you believe your property is not assessed fairly in relation to other properties in the Town of Pleasant Valley, you must file a written objection form to be heard by the formal Board of Review.  Factual evidence must be presented at the hearing.  The Board of Review is typically scheduled about one week after the Open Book in July.  Please watch this webpage for notices of the date and procedures associated with Board of Review.