Pavilion Rental

Cleghorn School Park Pavilion Usage Information

The Town of Pleasant Valley Cleghorn School Park Pavilion is available for various kinds of rentals.

Please View the Rental Calendar for availability and book online here Online Cleghorn School Park Pavilion Rental.

Contact Clerk/Treasurer Jen Meyer for confirmation of availability or your booking date/time at (715) 878-4645 or [email protected].

 The park address is:  S10434 Cty Hwy HHI

Google Maps will work best if you input:  S10434 Cty Hwy I

The online payment processing fee for the rentals is 2.9%+30 cents.

Half-day Rental
6am - 3pm OR 3pm-midnight
Pavilion only - $125 + $50 deposit

With Kitchen - $225 + $50 deposit
Pavilion Only - $75 + $50 deposit

With Kitchen - $150 + $50 deposit
All - Day Rental
(6am - midnight)
Pavilion only - $225+ $50 deposit

With Kitchen - $325 + $50 deposit
Pavilion Only - $125 + $50 deposit

With Kitchen - $200 + $50 deposit
Softball Tournament (includes kitchen and pavilion) Same as Resident Rate One-day - $300 + $50 deposit

Weekend (Fri-Sun) - $450 + $100 deposit
Civic Groups (Pleasant Valley 4-H, Pleasant Valley Clovers 4-H, Cleghorn Lions Club, Pack 131 Cub Scouts, Cleghorn Snow Drifters) Same as non-resident rental rates Free to listed groups. 
New groups seeking resident status must be approved by Town Board.
Fundraisers – Charitable non-profit groups with CES# 50% discount on one day rate Not-applicable

Security Deposit

Security deposit is due at the time of reservation.

  • Residents may not rent facilities for non-residents.
  • Reservation is not confirmed until security deposit is received.
  • Please pay security deposit with separate check.  The check will not be cashed unless funds are required by the Town for cancellation, failure to return key, damages, cleaning or theft.
  • Security deposit will not be returned if reservation is cancelled less than 7 days before event.

Security deposit will be returned in full within two weeks after event if:

  • Kitchen key is returned ($25 forfeiture if not returned)
  • No damages, cleaning fees or theft charges are required.  Any damages, cleaning or theft exceeding the deposit will be billed to the renter.
  • All tables are in pavilion, curtains are rolled up and road signs are removed.

Rental Fees

All rental fees must be paid in full one week (7 days) before the event.  A key will not be issued without payment.  All checks payable to:  Town of Pleasant Valley and sent to: S10414 Cty Rd HHI, Eleva, WI  54738 or placed in drop box located at the main entrance of the Town Hall

General Rental Rules and Regulations

  1. Key for the kitchen can be picked up not sooner than 72 hours prior to your event from the Town Clerk. All rental fees must be paid before kitchen access is granted. (715-878-4645 or [email protected]
  2. Kitchen facilities are available for storing, warming and serving food and beverages. Caterers can serve food, but are not to utilize the kitchen for food preparation.
  3. After your event, the facilities must be returned to their general appearance at the time of rental. This includes the kitchen, pavilion and bathrooms. There will be an additional charge of $50 per hour if additional cleaning is required by the Town.
    -If tables are removed from pavilion, they must be returned.
    -If weather curtains are lowered, they must be raised prior to vacating the premises
    -Any road signs promoting your event must be removed at the conclusion of your event.
  4. The pavilion is not to be used for any other purpose than what is stated in the contract.
  5. The Town of Pleasant Valley is not responsible for any items left on the premises at the conclusion of the rental.
  6. Smoking is prohibited inside the pavilion and within 30 feet of the pavilion.
  7. The selling of any alcohol on Town property is strictly prohibited.  The Cleghorn Lions Club holds the exclusive liquor license to sell on Town property.  If your event desires to include the sale of alcohol, a mutual agreement must be made with the Cleghorn Lions Club.
  8. Pets are not allowed in the park or pavilion.
  9. No overnight parking of campers or tenting.
  10. Park hours are 8am – 11pm and must be vacated by that time.

Cleaning Requirements

Please leave the facility as you found it.  Garbage bags, brooms, mops and buckets are available.  Please bring your own dish cloths, towels and other cleaning supplies.

  1. Sweep kitchen floor and mop if necessary
  2. Clean up any spills in pavilion
  3. Wipe off all counters and tables
  4. Clean out sinks
  5. Do not leave any food or beverages in the refrigerator or freezer
  6. Check bathrooms/clean up as needed
  7. Remove all decorations (including tape, push pins, etc)
  8. Make sure all garbage is in provided garbage containers
  9. Recycle aluminum cans in provided containers
  10. Turn off lights
  11. Lock kitchen
  12. Leave your key in the drop box located next to the kitchen door or the drop box near the town hall entrance.

Due to high usage of the facilities:

-You may not access the pavilion or kitchen prior to your rental time. This includes storing items
in the kitchen or refrigerator.
-You must vacate the kitchen and pavilion by 3pm if your rental is a 6am-3pm half day contract.

Click here to download a Pavilion Rental Agreement