Road Construction Referendum



 Referendum Question—April 2, 2024

The Town Board recently approved a resolution approving the following referendum question be placed on the April 2, 2024 Spring Election ballot.  The below referendum question is the wording as prescribed by State Statute §66.0602(4)(c) and the WI Department of Revenue.

“Under state law, the increase in the levy of the Town of Pleasant Valley for the tax to be imposed for the next fiscal year, 2025, is limited to 3.716%, which results in a levy of $1,056,702. Shall the Town of Pleasant Valley be allowed to exceed this limit and increase the levy for the next fiscal year, 2025, for the purposes of additional road construction funds, by a total of 18.927%, which results in a levy of $1,256,702, and on an ongoing basis, include the increase of $200,000 for each fiscal year going forward.”

What does this mean for your TAX BILL?
Taxes are calculated off of the assessed value of a property. (shown on your tax bill)  
This is how a $200,000 levy increase will affect your tax bill.  (Figures corrected from error on newsletter)

$100,000 $37.40
$250,000 $93.50
$500,000 $187.01

*These calculations are based on 2023 assessed value figures

The Town Board is requesting a levy (amount taxed to the property owners) increase of $200,000 which will become a permanent part of the annual levy taxed to the property owners of the Town for the purpose of adding additional funds to the road construction annual budget.  Instead of the estimated 2024 levy of $1,056,702 the annual amount will increase to $1,256,702.   This is an estimated 18.93% increase to ONLY the Town portion of your total tax bill.  The Town portion of your tax bill is approximately 12% of your annual tax bill.

With 70 miles of road to maintain, the Town cannot guarantee any particular road in any certain year due to ever changing road conditions. Remember all of our roads are used by law enforcement, fire protection, ambulance services, garbage haulers, school buses, neighbors, friends, UPS, FedEx, Amazon and many more services we all depend on arriving in a safe and timely manner.  Eventually all roads will get their turn as dollars permit.  The Town has been and will continue to apply for any available grant dollars as they become available.

How Did We Get to This Point?
In 2006, the State of Wisconsin placed limits on the amount a Town can levy.  A levy is the amount a Town can tax the taxpayers of the municipality.  This amount is spread out equally among the taxpayers based on assessed values of property.  A low spending Town at the time of the levy limit caps was forced to remain a low spending Town with no ability to increase taxes to cover the increasing monetary demands. i.e. road construction and maintenance, fuel, vehicle maintenance, salaries, utilities. These demands have simply overrun our allowed spending.  The only levy increase a Town is allowed each year is the percentage of net new construction.  Typically, for the Town of Pleasant Valley this is around 3% of the assessed value equating to a net levy increase of approximately $15,000.

What about the County Wheel Tax?
The Town does not receive any of the Eau Claire County imposed Wheel Tax funds, however we do have county roads within the Town which benefit from the funding.


2024 Estimated Road Construction Costs

1 load             Blade Patch/100ft/2 lanes                   $800

1                     Culvert installed                                $5,000

1 mile             Pulverize                                            $5,000

1 mile             Single Chip Seal                                $30,000

1 mile             Double Chip Seal                              $58,000

1 mile             6” base – hauled                               $80,000

1 mile             1 ½” blacktop overlay                     $130,000

1 mile             Total reconstruction                         $700,000


Your “YES” vote on April 2nd will expedite the
schedule of road maintenance and repairs.