Am I registered to vote?

With all of the recent media regarding Wisconsin Voter Registrations, many are asking if they are still registered. If you would like to verify your registration status, please visit and click on “My Voter Info”.

On this website you can also Register to Vote (either online registration if your Drivers License is current, or create a form to send to your local clerk), request an absentee ballot, view your voting history and much more.

Please be aware of third party groups sending postcards or applications to you with the appearance that they are originating from the Clerk’s office. Many of these requests can be considered valid as long as you also provide Proof of Residence with Voter Registration forms or Photo ID with any Absentee Ballot requests. You must be registered to receive an absentee ballot. Unsure? Contact your clerk.

Please feel free to contact Pleasant Valley Clerk, Jen Meyer, with any questions regarding voting. 715-878-4645 or [email protected]. Additional information is located here: