Voter ID

Voter ID - Bring It to the Ballot

Smile Please – Photo ID now required.

Most Wisconsin voters will need to show an acceptable photo ID to vote. It’s the law

There is no special “Voter ID” card.

There are many forms of Photo ID, which you already have, that can be used to vote.

If you are a registered voter you will need to show one of the following to receive a ballot:

  • A Wisconsin DOT-issued driver license, even if driving privileges are revoked or suspended
  • A Wisconsin DOT-issued identification card
  • Military ID card issued by the U.S. Uniformed Services
  • A U.S. passport book or card

The following photo IDs are also acceptable for voting purposes:

  • A certification or naturalization (that has been issued no earlier than two years before the date of the election)
  • An identification card issued by a federally recognized Indian tribe in Wisconsin
  • A driver license receipt issued by Wisconsin DOT (valid for 45 days from the date issued)
  • An identification card receipt issued by Wisconsin DOT (valid for 45 days from the date issued)
  • A Veteran Affairs Card(must be unexpired or have not expiration date)
  • A photo identification card issued by a Wisconsin accredited university, college, or technical college that contains the following: date the card was issued, signature of student and expiration date no later than two years after date of issuance.  The university or college ID must be accompanied by a separate document that proves enrollment, such as a tuition fee receipt, enrollment verification letter, or class schedule.

An acceptable Photo ID for voting does not have to include a current address.

If you are eligible to vote but do not have Wisconsin driver license or ID card, you may obtain a free ID for purposes of voting from the DMV.  It is recommended that you apply for the ID as soon as possible.  You do not receive the ID immediately; it will be sent to you in the mail.  Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles service center for more information on obtaining a free ID for voting. 

Phone(608) 264-7447 or on-line at



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